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Bouncy Castle Hire Social Media Platform Tips and Content Ideas

Hello Friends,

Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, Oh My!  Social Media Sites – Enough to wonder, why? (and maybe wanna cry 😉 )

Social media platforms such as, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google, Pinterest, Blogs, Online Community News Pages, YouTube and more help to build your inflatable hire business.

How Can Social Media Help Your Business?  Here are just a few ways…

  • Build relationships between your office team and potential new customers
  • Stay in Touch with your Active and Inactive Customers
  • Increase your Online Presence
  • Learn what your patients/potential customers want
  • Improve Community Involvement
  • Manage and Increase your Online Reputation
  • Great Way to Advertise Special Events, Specials, and Your Products/Services
  • Excellent Inflatable Hire Safety Education Tool

Surely, you can see that in order to be effective and successful with your use of social media, it’s not a case of “if you build it they will come”. Yes, you must build it; however, you must also develop and nurture it. It takes time and effort to build relationships. The key is engagement. Just posting to your sites will not effectively engage your audience.

You effectively engage (build relationships) by;

  • Acknowledging comments and likes on your posts.
  • Interact with other local business pages, this means, visiting & liking their pages, commenting on their posts and sharing their content. Remember, every time you do this, all of the people (potential patients) that see these business pages will also see your office comments and likes. It’s planting little marketing seeds.
  • Post quality content. WIIFM (What’s In It for Me?) not you, but your target audience, your patients and potential patients. What content will capture their attention?
  • Be real – share information, pictures, and videos not only about your office but of you and your team. Show your audience that within the office building are real people, people who care about dental health, care about changing smiles & improving lives, care about each other, care about their patients and care about their community.

I understand that not all business owners (Doctors) want to nor do they have the time required to start and grow a social media presence. Take a look at your employees; do you have someone who is a good candidate to help you do this? Someone that you can train to be the “voice” of your practice?

If not, I happen to love working with social media as a dental marketing source. Fresh content and posts just for your office! Done in a way that your patients and potential patients believe it’s coming straight from your office. Sound good to you?

Contact me today mark.jerram@ntlworld.com to set up your complimentary consultation.

Perhaps, your social media pages are set up, yet, you struggle to know what to post on your pages.