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Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing has gone from being ‘a nice business option’ to becoming an ‘absolute business essential’ and the time has never been better than now, to get ahead of your competitors with a structured and professional social media offering.

No Contracts
You pay for your content one month in advance the contract is a rolling month to month contract. If you don’t want to continue, just let us know in writing at the beginning of your ‘accounting month’ and we will cancel.

Enhance Your Team
If you already have a marketing team, you can take even more advantage of our service. Using Social-Genius as your provider, and using our online system for reviewing and posting, you will find that you can hugely enhance the productivity of your marketing team and get even more done! All for a fraction of the cost of staffing.

Improving Your Website Conversion Rate
Companies with between 50 and 100 followers on Twitter, generate over 100% more traffic than those with 25 or less. 
If you monitor the number of leads you convert before and after installing an embedded Twitter feed, for example, you will see that rate improve. People are reassured by a regularly updated Twitter feed on a website. It shows how professional you are, and that you’re open for business. We can produce all your Twitter content and help you with a feed into your site.

Brand Exposure and Recognition
Any of your followers or browsers of your social sites are in an environment they feel comfortable in. This is the very best place for you to place your brand, and get noticed. In traditional advertising, a potential customer needs to see your ad for around 7 times before taking action. This way you get your brand name and message under their nose without being pushy.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
Google is now relying more and more on what they call social signals.. 
We have a number of ways that we can improve your social signals, by using our system. You will get a huge Google benefit by embedding your Twitter feed into your website. That way, our work will also update your site by constantly changing the text on your site. This will result in improved Google rankings and therefore more visitors and sales. (Ask us about embedding your Twitter feed)

We Do Hard Work For You
We will provide you with everything your business needs to benefit and profit from social media. That means we take the strain! We will complete a detailed and in depth analysis of your business, so we really understand what you are all about.. and we’ll go away and research it even more – we leave no stone unturned. 
We will then produce DAILY Facebook posts and Tweets which are keyword based, and focused around your industry. We can even design and post custom images as well.. all which will give
incredible social signals, which is just what Google loves! 
We constantly work to build up your social media presence. The results can have amazing results for your business, An average company who has more than 1000 likes on Facebook tends to see nearly 200% increase in traffic after crossing that figure.

Powerful Control Panel
This is what sets us apart from the others! 
We provide you with an easy to use control panel that enables you to review the content we have produced and will post for you – and you can even schedule in your own additional social media content – in fact we encourage you to! 
We schedule our content 7 days in advance. This gives you plenty of time to review the content and if you do want to make suggestions or changes, you can. We will soon learn the type of posts you like and ones which you want to avoid. 
You can add your own campaigns and post as much or as little as you want to. If you occasionally log in, you can even schedule your own posts over weeks or months. If you don’t have time to post, well that’s what we are here for! We will be here doing the bulk of your work for you, every single working day we will be promoting you. Do remember though, no one knows your business like you do. The more you get involved, the better..

Get Ahead Of Your Competitors
Most of your competitors will not be doing a great job of social media. This is your chance to get ahead of them! If they are already engaging in Social Media, then you must get involved or you will be left behind and you will lose your audience to your competitors. 
Whether you like this or not, your customers will be engaging in Social Media (on their own personal accounts at least). When they visit a website, they expect to find social media presence and if they don’t they will judge you badly.. or worse they may assume you’re not in business any more. Don’t let this happen. We can solve this instantly. When you’re focussed on your business, we’re writing content for you. When you’re in meetings, we’re writing content, when you’re driving, we’re writing content for you when you’re too busy, we’re writing and posting content for you.. NEVER again will you look unprofessional because you have no social media presence.